Interesting Past Cases and Background

  • PNC Bank v. Andre van Hoornaar (13-CV-1020 Federal Court E.D. Wis.) Represented Dutch National in defense of Kenosha County residential foreclosure action. Case involved allegedly illegal practices by bank and its agents related to entry into property (trespass) to shut of off gas & electric and changing locks. Lost in the E.D. Wis., appealed to 7th Cir. Court of Appeals. Case settled favorably for client before decision by appeals court.
  • Terry v. Journal Broadcast Corp. 2013 WI App 130 (Published). Represented wedding videographer in defamation action against WTMJ-TV-4. Clarified defamation law elements. 895.05 Stats.
  • Sleik v. LaLicata, 2012 AP 1744 (unpublished). Represented young woman allegedly sexually assaulted in West Allis Strip Club. Case dismissed by trial court but subsequently surveillance video surfaced while on appeal establishing perjured testimony to obtain dismissal. Case settled favorably for client before trial.
  • PHH Mortgage v. Mattfeld, 2011 WI App 62. (Published) Successfully represented homeowner to defeat default foreclosure judgment based on defective service of process. Clarified service requirements under 801.11 Stats.  Case settled favorably for client.
  • Adams v. Marshall & Swift. 10-CV-5310 (Waukesha County).  Represented at Will employee in declaratory judgment action to enjoin employer post employment conduct related to expired non-compete agreement. Case settled favorably for client before trial.
  • Capital One Bank USA v. Eugene Summers, 2009 AP 1337 (unpublished). Represented consumer against bank credit card collection action regarding unconscionable Consumer Act collection practices. Lost at trial court and court of appeals. Petition to Wisconsin Supreme Court accepted.  Case settled favorably for client before Supreme Court decision.
  • Southside Ice Yacht Club, Inc. v. Moxon, 08-CV-1818 (Winnebago County). Wild facts involving an adverse possession claim to an underwater (submerged) lot in Lake Winnebago.
  • Parkview of Caledonia v. Weisto, Appeal No. 03-0170 (unpublished). Defended landlord in tenant appeal. Issue involved what constituted "normal wear and tear" for smoke damage in smoking designated unit where tenant was a chain smoker.
  • Regal v. General Motors Corporation, Appeal No. 02-0632 (unpublished), Prevailed for consumer in Lemon Law case.
  • Smyser v. Western Star Trucks Corp., 2001 WI App 180 (Published). Lemon Law case / statutory interpretation. Clairified Rightful Rejection under UCC 402.602 Stats.
  • Kurylo v. Wisconsin Elec. Power Co., 2000 WI App 102)(Published). Condemnation case / statutory interpretation 32.06 Stats.
  • Reimer v. Burby, Appeal No. 99-0274-FT (unpublished). Reversal of trail court JNOV dismissal.
  • Schmidt v. City of Kenosha, 214 Wis.2d 526, 536, 571 N.W.2d 892, 896 (Ct. App. 1997) (Published). Clarified Airport Approach Zoning Law 114.136 Stats. / Police Powers.

Presentations/Teaching Experience/Awards/Interests

2001 (Oct.) - Wisconsin Aviation Conference - The Big Kahuna - Wis. Stat. 114.136 A Mighty Tool for Airport Approach Protection.

2000 - Organizer, founding member and legal advisor / liaison Wisconsin Business Aviation Association.

1999 (Spring) Instructor Building Owners and Management Association BOMA (Law for Property Managers)

1997 (Fall) Instructor Building Owners and Management Association BOMA (Law for Property Managers)

1993 (Nov.) - National Business Institute - Wisconsin Collection Strategies & Methods (from A-Z), Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee, WI.

1995 (May) - Award for Outstanding Pro Bono Services by an Individual Attorney from Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association and Legal Action of Wisconsin, Inc. presented by Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson.

1989-’90 - Milwaukee Young Lawyers Speakers Bureau (the law and you presented to various High School Classes in the Milwaukee Area).

Personal Interests: travel, biking, volleyball, aviation, drones, farming and wine. September 2018